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Doris has been experiencing homelessness off and on for the last few years. She struggles with substance abuse disorder and her mental health.  Doris announced she has felt the years catch up to her; she is not as young as she once was. She has been going to substance abuse classes, has a wonderful sponsor, and goes to a meeting every day. Doris never made an effort to pay her debt from her last eviction as she felt it was hopeless, it was too costly and she still wouldn’t have a place to live. Southwest Georgia Housing Opportunities was able to assist Doris with her rental arrears to make her eligible for subsidized housing, on the condition that she continues her positive changes.  Doris quickly agreed.  Doris got a payee to make sure the rent was paid first and she set up appointments to see her doctors. Doris is now seeing her doctors on a regular basis, has a payee to assist her and is continuing her substance abuse recovery plan from her new home.  

Rental Assistance


Don is accustomed to being the one family and friends come to for help and advice.  He now finds himself in a different position. He has been quite ill. He was concerned that his underlying health conditions make him vulnerable. He went right away to his doctor. He has now gone to multiple doctors for multiple tests.  Don was confident he would be able to get back to work and catch up on his bills.  Instead, he ended up out of work for tests or illness. With his income reduced by over 80%, Don was unable to pay his rent. His family and friends said you have to find help; you cannot lose your home while you are so sick. One friend said that is what you would tell me to do.  Don realized she was right, that is exactly what he would tell her to do. Don remembered getting a brochure at his doctor’s office about assistance. Don came to Southwest Georgia Housing Opportunities and received rental assistance and support. He shared, “I did not realize how much energy I was spending worrying about how I was going to get caught up.” Don still does not know what his diagnosis is but feels stronger and ready to face whatever the future holds.   

Housing Stability


Mary and her son were homeless bouncing from place to place.  Mary has income but was not able to save enough to pay for rental and utility deposits to move into a place while still giving money to friends who let them stay and the occasional hotel fee.  She was at her wits end trying to figure out a way out of this situation.  She came to Southwest Georgia Housing Opportunities, SWGAHO, determined to end her homelessness.  Mary started looking everywhere for housing.  She came upon a place in her price range and wanted to move in immediately.  However she knew she needed to work with the SWGAHO to get assistance.  Upon SWGAHO’s inspection of the unit a leak was found.  The landlord was informed and quickly fixed the problem.

The inspection was worth the time for Mary. She had a water leak in a previous residence and got into real difficulties as the monthly water bill was so high it was difficult to pay. “I’m so glad for y’all, without you I wouldn’t have gotten an inspection, assuming I ever did get enough money to move in a place, and I would have moved into a mess.”  Mary and her son are no longer homeless. Mary is looking forward to family meals in her own home. “I have so much to be thankful for!” 

Housing emergency


Tina called her family because she was feeling overwhelmed.  She had fallen behind on her utility bills trying to juggle her expenses.  Her job changed, she just moved and her child had outgrown everything. The stress was getting to Tina.  Tina felt better after sharing her situation with her family even though she knew they couldn’t help because they had multiple expenses with a new grandchild. Tina contacted 2-1-1 and was provided some resources. She followed up with each one. Southwest Georgia Housing Opportunities was able to assist Tina develop a plan to get caught up with her bills and avoid another housing emergency.  Tina was, through case management, connected to a multitude of resources she did not know existed. Tina is working, has clothing for her child and is in stable housing.   Tina called months later to just let the staff know how they were doing and to say she got a raise!  

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